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It has been said that our French Buttercream is as good as it gets and we have to agree!
Now with several varieties of icings to choose from, every palate can be pleased! 

French Buttercream is very light and slightly sweet.  We start with a French meringue, then add sweet cream butter and a blend of house made vanillas.

RVA Buttercream is a perfect balance between the French and American buttercream.  Super smooth.  Just enough sweetness.  We love to finish our wedding cakes with this buttercream since it compliments just about every cake on the menu.

Chocolate Buttercream starts the same way as French buttercream, but in the end it's the Valrhona Ganache that makes it stand out from the crowd.  Can be made with milk, dark or white chocolate, but we try to stick with a dark 64% chocolate.  This chocolate gives the buttercream depth while keeping it light.

Devils Fudge Icing or DFI is one of our standards and used to create a decadent whipped frosting as well as a dense deep chocolate profile most are not able to capture.  We would like to think it has to do with the Dutch Processed Cocoa Powder, but it could just be the love from chocoholics everywhere that has kept this a requirement on our menu.

Whipped Cream Cheese Icing is just what you think.  Philadelphia style cream cheese, butter, and a little sugar makes this a great accompaniment to spicy fruit cakes, chocolate cakes and just about anything that needs just a little sweetness. Add some peanut butter and it's the bee's knee's!

American Buttercream  is super light and fluffy.  We start off with butter, a few secret ingredients, lots of sugar and lots of love.  We can make this buttercream into any flavor your little heart desires and is excellent for cupcakes and birthday cakes. Perfect for those who like things sweet and satisfying.

Rolled Fondant is one of those elements that just speaks for itself. Made from scratch for each order, our fondant is clean and smooth. No plastic-made-in-a-factory-and-stored-in-a-bucket taste here! We start with powdered sugar, glucose and gelatin, add a little flavor and voilà!!  Probably the best fondant you will ever have. We can flavor and color it any way you'd like, this option gives your cake a smooth, sleek look that buttercream just cannot capture.