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From simple and sleek to out of the ordinary, we have something for everyone.  Every cake can be either a fabulous cupcake or traditional cake.  Vanilla is the standard base for most of our cakes but we love to mix things up a bit and are willing to try just about anything. So if you have something in mind or if you just really love grandma's cake but can't get to it send over your ideas and we will get baking!

Just about every cake can be made for your Vegan or Gluten-free diet. If you are avoiding any specific ingredients let us know and we will customize any cake or dessert to fit your lifestyle.

Basic Vanilla Cake
Never has there been a cake that truly goes with everything.  Now there is.  Soft and moist, this cake is perfect if you are looking for a true crowd pleaser or like something simply delicious.   Great as a cupcake or a layered cake as well.  

Sour Cream Pound Cake
Dense, moist and a little sweet. Reminiscent of a European style cake with a hint of Sour Cream and Tahitian Vanilla.  Perfect if you are looking for a more traditional cake. Not recommended for cupcakes. Save that task for her sister the "Basic Vanilla Cake".

The Lightest Vanilla Cake Ever
Just as the name states, this cake is light, airy and full of vanilla.  A perfect pairing for those summer nights with fresh mascarpone cream and berries. This cake is the newest vanilla version and only had by few. The best choice if you are looking for something unique.

My Favorite Chocolate Cake
Rich, moist and definitely the best cake I've ever made. This has been in my recipe library or as long as I can remember and is always a go-to cake for anyone who is a first timer. Unfortunately though it does not make a great cupcake, which is why we now have the Sour Cream chocolate Cake.

Chocolate Sour Cream Cake
New to the block, this latest version of our famous vanilla cake is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Light, moist and definitely chocolate.  Proud to say, as a Chocoholic myself, this cake is perfect!!  Just as the vanilla cake, we use the simplest ingredients along with dark cocoa to give this cake a place right up there with grandma's. 

Triple Ginger Cake
Light, moist and filled with a blend of fresh and candied ginger. Perfect when paired with lemon curd, mascarpone mousse or simple whipped cream cheese. 

Spice Cake
Just like the basic vanilla cake, but with a twist. Great for the fall and winter months to keep you warm and comfortable in front of the fire. Blended with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla bean, nutmeg and clove.  This cake will be sure to warm your soul. Try with a splash of dark rum for a kick.  

Graham Cracker Cake
Dense, moist, delicious. As the base for the s'mores cake it stands strong next to it's parent, the graham cracker. Filled with crushed graham crackers and sweetened with brown sugar and cinnamon it really is something special. Give it a twist with a splash of Dark Rum or Vanilla Stoli and take your cake to the next level.