Cakes by Favienne

Listed below are just some of our vanilla based cakes. 

There are just so many combinations to choose from, and we went a little crazy deciding on these.  If there is anything that you are craving and do not see it here,

just ask and we can probably make it for you.

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Baileys Cream: Irish cream BC, dark chocolate shavings

Blackberry Ice: Wild blackberries, lemon curd, vanilla BC, sour blackberry jam**

Boston Cream: Vanilla pastry cream, soft ganache, chocolate BC

Cinnamon Roll: Cinnamon swirl cake, whipped cream cheese, vanilla buttercream

Dulce de Leche: House made Dulce de leche cream, Vanilla bean BC

Lemon Ginger: Lemon curd, white chocolate BC, candied ginger

Mango Peach Blackberry: Mango BC, peach compote, fresh blackberries**

Maple Walnut: Toasted salted walnuts, maple BC (great with maple smoked bacon)

Milky way: House made nougat, caramel drizzle, milk chocolate BC 

Peach Fig: Fig puree, Peach BC

Pear Caramel: caramelized cinnamon pears, nutmeg-vanilla bean BC**

Pineapple Jalapeño: Roasted jalapeño, pineapple compote, Gold Tequila BC**

Strawberry Ginger: Strawberry mousse, ginger BC

Tiramisu: Espresso mascarpone cream, dark rum chocolate mousse, chocolate shavings, milk chocolate BC

Vanilla Caramel Latte: Caramel drizzle, espresso mousse, vanilla bean BC

Vanilla Mascarpone: Whipped mascarpone filling, vanilla bean BC